Sunday, May 04, 2008


05/03:Surprisingly, Mary Jane convinced Peter to go to bed instead of going out to fight the nefarious Vulture. Not surprisingly, it'll take more than one night to cure Peter's illness.

05/04:This whole thing is just an exercise in padding. The whole illness probably won't have any actual bearing on the plot, other than making us spend a week watching Mary Jane convince Peter to stay in bed.


jvwalt said...

In addition to padding the plot, the Sunday strip also provides a nice excuse for parading MJ around in her slinky nightie. Presumably a desperate attempt to get prepubescent males interested in the strip.

Which would've been a nice ploy in... oh... 1962, when (a) the comics were big enough to display drawings of slinky females, and (b) prepubescent males couldn't find gazillions of even-slinkier females on the Internet.

Anonymous said...

We seem to have reached a vicious cycle.

Tuesday) Peter: "I have to get the Vulture!"
Wednesday) Mary Jane: "But you have the flu!"
Thursday) Mary Jane: "You have the flu!" Peter: "But I have to get the Vulture!"
Friday) Peter: "I have to get the Vulture!" Mary Jane: "But you have the flu!"
Saturday: Peter: "I still have to get the Vulture!" Mary Jane: "But you still have the flu!"
Sunday: Mary Jane: "You have the flu!" Peter: "But I really need to get the Vulture!" Mary Jane: "But you really have the flu!"

Fortunately the Vulture's there to break the cycle by telling us that he's gonna get revenge. Although apparently he spent a whole day flying around doing nothing.

Reggie White Jr. said...

OK, Peter has two options. 1.) Go out and fight the Vulture and get his butt kicked because he's flu-bound. 2.) Stay in bed and rest up with his very hot wife in a pink, revealing nightie. Hmmmmm, tough call.

Oh snap! If Marvel reads option 2, they'll retcon MJ out of the strip and find a way to wipeout my existence! *Runs*

Anonymous said...

Spider-Man's had the flu for a month! The writers wasted weeks writing stuff like, "I have to fight the vulture! I have Spidey-powers!" "Yes," says Mary Jane, "..but you've also got the flu!"

The next day...

"I have to get the vulture!"
--"No.... you have the flu!!"

The next day...

"Oh, honey, you have the flu!"
--"But I can't have the flu... I have Spidey-powers!
----"Yes... but you've also got the flu!!!"

...and it goes on like that.

Anonymous said...

good, the whole dialogue is over. He's still got the flu though...