Friday, May 23, 2008

Spider-Man Wasn't Here

All right, this is just bizarre. In order for the Vulture to make Spider-Man look like a wimp, wouldn't Spider-Man have to be there? The same goes for Jameson's claim, as Spider-Man wasn't even there to try to stop the Vulture, and therefore, had no chance to do so. So, instead of making Spider-Man look like a wimp, the Vulture merely made Spider-Man look apathetic to the plight of the rich. This goes for Jameson's claim as well, as the Webhead (why is he using a pet name for someone he hates?) merely didn't show up to stop the Vulture. Now, whether making Spider-Man look apathetic is worse than making him look wear is an entirely different debate.


Unknown said...

Did anyone else notice that Peter wasn't sick at all for...oh, I don't know, the past week? He seemed fine until Mary Jane's bipolar disorder kicked in.

Sure, she may be sobbing and moping now, but just wait - one of these days, Peter's going to wake up in bed to see her ready to smack him in the head with a lead pipe.

Oh, wait...his Spider Sense can't detect lead pipes. Nice knowing you, Peter.

Paul Arrand Rodgers said...



jvwalt said...

One stinkin' holdup, and Vulture is declaring victory? This is the WORST....CRIME WAVE.... EVER! C'mon, Drago -- what's next in your dastardly plot? Tripping a blind guy? Taking a girl scout's cookies? Jaywalking?????

This is sad.

Anonymous said...

JJJ's called Spider-Man "webhead" for decades; it's become a pet name when used by others, but a searing in-your-face burn when Jonah uses it.
I don't think Spidey's absence limits him to apathy...what about "busy"? "Yeah, I was in a death-trap in Dr. Doom's castle. Sorry I couldn't make it to the big party" or "One word: Galactus"

J Doe said...

What happens when a superhero's normal person persona dies in an accident or something? Do the people who know tell everyone who they were?