Thursday, May 15, 2008


Then you wait until he does something worse than robbing some rich folk. Seriously, I know that with great power comes great responsibility, but you're sick. You need to take time to recuperate. If he starts trying to kill people, actively trying to kill people, then you can go web-sling after him. Until then, just take it easy.


jvwalt said...

If I were a cop taking a statement from Mrs. Vanderplotz, I'd be a little ticked off at her cry for Spider-Man -- as if Spidey is the only force for good and justice in the entire city. "What am I, lady? Chopped liver?"

In fact, if I were head of the police union, I might be filing a grievance against Spidey for breaking union rules: Only dues-paying union members are allowed to fight crime.

Anonymous said...

She must be a hardcore Spider-fan if she asked for him instead of the Fantastic Four or the Avengers who are more popular with the public because JJJ doesn't trash them with the Daily Bugle. I think Brand New Day single Spidey in the current Marvel comics is gonna try to hook up with that old lady LOL!