Sunday, May 18, 2008

Direct to DVD Dilemma

At this point and time, this strip has no likable characters in its main cast. Our supposed hero is even less effective than usual, down with the flu. The main female lead, who so recently proved her authority by forcing her husband to stay in bed, is now in tears because the audience did not like her because her movie is going directly to DVD. All the while our current villain is content to rob rooftop parties, using a gun to menace people. Also, our current villain is a man who utilizes a flying suit which traditionally has razor-sharp wings. Yet he's menacing people with a gun. I hope some bit character pops in soon that will bring a ray of sunshine to this dreariness.

Also, I'd like to say something about the direct to DVD market. I was at Wal-Mart earlier tonight, browsing through the movies. A lot of them were direct to DVD, and they all cost just as much, if not more, than the normal movies. Not to mention the fact that the DVD market may cover a larger area than a theater release. Look at the movie "Rogue". It's getting an extremely limited release, so you'll be lucky to find it in a theater near you. Yet, when it comes out on DVD, you know darn well it'll be nearly everywhere. So while Mary Jane won't get to see her name in lights, she will get some amount of recognition. What I'm saying is that this strip is putting a very poor light on direct to DVD movies.

Besides, Mary Jane should really hold off on making any judgments about this until she sees the DVD. And even if it's bad, it's not like it'll never be seen. There's many people who enjoy bad movies (myself among them), and Mary Jane will find out if her acting was really atrocious or not.

What I'm saying here is that Mary Jane should buck up and see what happens, as it's far from over for her. The audience, for the most part, probably didn't even care about her drop in status. It may have just been a bad audience. So buck up, Mary Jane. Things should clear up for you in no time.

(Sorry for the rambling nature of today's post. It's so late that it's early and I am tired, but wanted to get this up so it would be up during the day.)

(Also, Mary Jane is probably going to get the flu from Peter. I'm not totally certain, but any flu that could get through Peter's enhanced immune system is probably quite strong, and a normal person should have pretty much no chance of escaping it.)


jvwalt said...

If MJ emotes like that when she'd on stage or in front of a camera, I'd hate her too. This is, like, "Perils of Pauline" quality thespianship.

And Peter may be the only husband in the world who expresses concern for his spouse with a "!" Judging by the somewhat annoyed expression on his face, I'd say the "!" could be roughly translated as, "Yeah, so they don't like you, yada yada, blah blah blah. Can we get back to ME now?"

Unknown said...

"A lot of them were direct to DVD, and they all cost just as much, if not more, than the normal movies."

That would assume that people blind buy movies, something I've never been a fan of. Crappy direct-to-video movies? Worth a rental, sure, but not $15.

In any case, you'd think MJ would...y'know, not suck at acting given how long she's been at it.

J Doe said...

Does anyone actually rate performances on how the actors' previous works were released?

Anonymous said...

The problem with the movie was that she starred as a heroin named Marvella. She should of played a hero named Jackpot! If she did that, screw DVD, it would of gone straight to VHS, classic!

Anonymous said...

^ The above comment was me I clicked on the anonymous button by mistake lol!

Tommy said...

My brother sometimes blind buys movies on DVD, but that's if it's some weird thing like Scarecrow: Slayer for 10 cents to a buck.

Yeah, we're geeks like that.

I've still got to get my hands on Tales of Voodoo. It's got Ghost Ninja and A Dog named Vengeance on it! Some bunk fun to be had thar, yarrr!!