Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Bargain Till

Peter has been driven mad by his fever. At no point does Mary Jane make any sort of bargain with him, she only issues commands. She does, however, take joy in this. We should fear her.

Ah, and in the second panel? That "till" should only have one "l". Unless she wants the soil tilled, or something? I dunno.


jvwalt said...

Finally... FINALLY... a little tiny bit of forward momentum in the plot. Clumsy and obvious, but at least we're off the schneid. I think we can look forward to Spidey getting konked on the head with a brick again by the end of the week.

And not that I look to "Spider-Man" for fashion tips, but does anyone in NYC wear big bulky turtlenecks like that? Well, turtlenecks that are big and bulky everywhere except around the bustline, where they are tight and form-fitting.

Anonymous said...

that use of till is correct. In fact, unless I miss my guess, it's the Chicago Manual of Style preference over 'til or til.

Anyway, enough defending this horrible strip. WOULD SOMEONE PLEASE LEAVE THE DAMN APARTMENT ALREADY?

Anonymous said...

Damn it.

That link works, at least.