Saturday, May 10, 2008

Numbered List!

Numbered list time, readers!
1) The Vulture makes a stupid mistake, as his forte is quick-strikes, not... well, not this. Anything but this. The folly of his actions is proven in the third panel, where what's probably a high-ranking police officer tackles the Vulture.
2) The Vulture is using his gun. Traditionally, those wings are razor-tipped and he can slice through a lot of things with them. He does not need a gun.
3) That's not Birdman. That's the Vulture. Birdman is a superhero-turned-lawyer. Birdman would probably make an infinitely better comic strip, as well, at least the lawyer version.


J Doe said...

I don't understand what's supposed to be happening in panel 3. Is that The Joker? And I can't make sense of what he's saying. It looks like he's saying that punching the Vulture is worth going back to prison. Could someone please explain?

Anonymous said...

I think officer Joker means that if Harvey Vulture, attorney-at-law steals anything from the partygoers, it will earn him a trip to prison, so in a sense, that's what it's "worth".

Reggie White Jr. said...

How many panels you think it will take for that cop to get the urine slapped out of him?

J Doe said...

Okay, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Volture looks like Birdman. Birdman hung out with Street Fighter characters in Capcom's recent Harvey Birdman game. Spider-Man hung out with Street Fighter characters in MSH vs. SF and MVC1 and MVC2. It's aaaaall connected lol Stan Lee knows his video games. BET IT!