Monday, May 26, 2008

Better Headline

The headline is a far better slant to what happened concerning Spider-Man's inability to show up. Also, Jameson is still acting how he's supposed to. It's the small things that make the strip better, really.


jvwalt said...

How many people exactly work for the Bugle? JJ, Robbie, and a couple interns? Apparently their entire photographic contingent consists of one stringer: When he's out with the flu, no pix in the paper.

Usually, Parker is presented as uniquely able to get photos of Spider-Man in action -- which in itself doesn't make a lot of sense, secret identity-wise -- but today, he's being presented as the one and only person who can deliver pictures of any sort. After all, the whole point is Spider-Man's absence. Anybody can take a picture of that.

Mike Podgor said...

Only thing I can think of is that Peter has forced himself into the role of super-being photographer, and so Jameson expects him to be able to take pictures of any super-being.

Paul Arrand Rodgers said...

J.J.J. is sucking that cigar rather suggestively in panel 3.

Tommy said...


Well, if Stan wanted to use them, he could write in Cole Cooper (FACADE?) or Angela Yin as photogs sent to get pics.

If Lance Bannon isn't dead in this reality, that's another character that could be used.

It would be more amusing though, if Jonah went to get pics himself and got captured by the Vulture.