Thursday, February 14, 2008

Time in a Bucket

It's nice that Peter managed to get to his wife's second performance. After the first one... on New Year's Eve... wait a second. They randomly acknowledge holidays in this strip. We got one for New Year's Eve, and the last one we got was last Valentine's Day. Due to the nature of the narrative, with no "Days Later" or whatever, only about two weeks have passed since Valentine's Day. These people have the shortest year ever.


Tommy said...

Yeah, the strip definitely has a short year that throws in holiday references in any sort of way they can.

At least, back when I was still getting it via my grandma who cut the strip out for me in her area (mine didn't get the strip), I recall such things.

On another note, I think Krandis, despite his not wanting to be ordered around, gets off on an assertive woman. Just look at how dreamily content he is while Mary Jane wags that finger!

Perhaps this is rooted in his childhood, and---nah, he's just a horny old man. @_@

SamKerby said...

aren't we all :D

Anonymous said...

No wonder Peter looks so grumpy in the last panel. Not only is he not watching television, but he has a woman sitting on his lap with a man sitting on her lap with Krandis sitting on his lap. Proportional strength of a spider or no, that's a lot of weight when you're trying to feign interest in your wife's career.

jvwalt said...

Okay, so a violent vandal and a dangerous convict are on the loose... but what the hey, it's SHOWTIME! What the frickin' hell kind of superhero is this, anyway? Does he work nine to five? Did he punch out between yesterday's strip and today's?

Anonymous said...

I can totally relate to Spiderman because I screwed up big time at work yesterday and instead of sticking around and fixing it I just went home and watched my hot wife in a stupid play while glaring at a crooked newspaper magnate. Or I just watched TV and fell asleep. Actually, my night sounds more like a Spiderman night than Spiderman's.