Thursday, February 21, 2008

Potentially Robots!

It's a good thing that's a fake arm, otherwise Spider-Man would have torn it clean out of the shooter's socket and there would be blood everywhere. What were you thinking, Spidey? On the other hand, my comments yesterday about padding do not apply if the padding has anything to do with robots. Some good old robot action would enhance my enjoyment of this about a thousand percent.


Tommy said...

Silvermane lives...again!!

Well, probably not cause I've not recalled Spidey ever ripping his cyber-arm off and last I knew he was human in a chair with stuff connected to his head.

'Course, this was back in 1998, so I'm not sure if that stuck.

Mike Podgor said...

There's also the possibility that Silvermane has never shown his face in the strip.

In the Marvel Universe, the last I saw of him, he was connected to a bunch of life support systems.