Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Fate of Spider-Man... Er, Still not yet.

All this does is let us know that the Persuader is there, too. Oh, and it kind of hints that maybe they know Peter Parker and Spider-Man are one and the same. Either that, or Spider-Man's explosion is just a bizarre coincidence that would work in Simon Krandis's favor.

Oh, and I hope we never see Simon Krandis smile like in panel three again. That's creepy.

Also, some people are working on a fan-animated (fanimated?) Spider-Man series. They need a bit of help, though, so click here for some more information.


Anonymous said...

Mike I agree and on the last strip I replied take a look good luck and have a nice day.

Mike Podgor said...

Is that the right link?

Anonymous said...

you mean the one you posted? no, the thraed is called"voice actors needed for my animated spidy movie" which is on page 2. the link you posted went to the thread called"SpiderMan:Animated" wich is on page one. Remember the last time the thread"voice actors needed for my animated spidy movie" was posted on was 2/9/08.

Anonymous said...

I meant spidey.