Saturday, February 16, 2008


As we all know, Spider-Man learned about Godero by Googling Krandis. Not only that, but there's an eye-witness account of the fact that Krandis and Spider-Man are not in cahoots: Mary Jane. Oh, and the Persuader. And Jimmy Godero. The King of the Newspaper Jockies, too. Ah, and that nameless thug who was helping the Persuader blow up Daily Bugle trucks. In fact, Jameson is probably the only person in the entire world who could come to the conclusion that Spider-Man and Krandis are linked, but as Peter says, Jameson would link Spider-Man to Genghis Khan if he could...

Hey Jameson! Genghis Khan was always trying to get through the Great Wall of China! Spider-Man is the wall-crawler! Maybe a cult dedicated to Genghis Khan financed an experiment to create wall-crawling warriors to invade China, therefore bringing glory and power to the legacy of Gengis Khan, and Spider-Man is an escaped prototype?

Now Jameson doesn't have to.

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Moses 22 said...

Nice pointing out that he's linked to Khan, Mike, or should I say J Jonah. Its amazing how quickly you seem to have come up this example spider-hater.