Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Peter's Options

I have no idea how the policy on business deals go, but couldn't Peter Parker theoretically order some reports or something about Krandis's company? I mean, if it's a company with stockholders, they have to have some sort of public report, and perhaps some information could be gleaned from them. Heck, I'm sure the Daily Bugle's business section (not to mention countless other papers) probably have a business section which could help out with minor articles about Krandis's various acquisitions. There's so many ways Peter could go about this (without the aid of his web-slinging alter ego, no less) that he has no business whining about how he can't get anything done.

As for the gunfire, that had better had something to do with Jimmy Godero or the Persuader. If it's just padding, I swear that I will take measures.


Anonymous said...

Peter definitely has a bad case of ADD in this strip. "I have to find out something about Krandis! I'll go watch MJ's play! Omg gunfire let's go!

jvwalt said...

Okay, let's assume, just for the sake of argument, that Spider-Man has an array of special powers. Doesn't seem likely, given the daily display of bumbling idiocy that is this strip. But let's say he can climb walls, he's really stealthy, strong and crafty.

Couldn't he maybe... oh, I don't know... BREAK INTO KRANDIS' OFFICE? Rifle through his files, and take away incriminating documents? Or just take photos of them, since he's also an ace photog? Hell, he even knows of a 2-hour period every night when Krandis will be out of the office (sitting in the front row, drooling at MJ). Simple.