Wednesday, February 06, 2008


I think we're to assume that Spider-Man just punched through both vehicles at once. While Spider-Man is probably able to do such a thing, I doubt the initial hole would be that big. More likely, Spider-Man would punch a moderate size hole, and then use his super-strength to tear off a hunk of the vehicles.

I like how Spider-Man decided to carry all three men out at once. He probably could have left one of them in there for a few seconds, since most of the gas would be able to escape through the giant hole in the side of the truck. However, then we wouldn't get this moment of suspense, would we? Yes, it's not like Spider-Man has the proportionate agility of a spider or anything that would allow him to do a quick leap to the left and put everyone down. In fact, he could probably take out the Persuader at this point with one well-aimed kick.

Then again, the Persuader's slightly nonsensical quip is about a hundred times better than anything Spider-Man has said since I started this Blog, so I guess I should give all the problems I mentioned a pass... for now.


Anonymous said...

Sure was nice of the Persuader to come to a complete stop so everyone could get out.

Anonymous said...

"Hey Spider-man! Over here! I'm going to punch you, but in the spirit of fairness and because I'm really not much of a villain, I thought I'd go ahead and give you the heads up that I'm going to maybe punch you!"

Element of surprise be damned, Spider-man is CARRYING the guy the Persuader is supposed to kill. We can't have him getting hurt first!