Saturday, February 09, 2008

Now with Format!

I'm going to have to start doing these by panels, otherwise everything will get all discombobulated and, as a seemingly note-worthy blogger, I can't have that.
1) Spider-Man just looks so darn arrogant in this panel, and his dialog backs up the fact that he's just sort of messing with the Persuader. Meanwhile, the Persuader has become some sort of hideous man-beast.

2) In this comic strip, Spider-Man does not have a spider-sense. He has a plot-sensitive spider-sense, which only kicks in (or neglects to) when the plot demands it. This allows it to kick in when he's looking for someone, and not kick in when someone is pointing a tranquilizer gun at his neck.

This is sad, as I was hoping that we would be almost done with this storyline by now, and then the Persuader does this. After all, if we look at the strip's record, we get a super-villain next time. I hope to god we get a super-villain next time...

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