Wednesday, February 13, 2008


First off, thanks to Stan Lee for confirming what I theorized two days ago. Second, why is Spider-Man's spider-sense going off now? Is it a delayed reaction, or are they actually in some sort of danger? Not to mention the fact that, if they wanted to, Godero and the Persuader could have permanently taken out Spider-Man and the two guards before merrily skipping away. Perhaps they wanted to enjoy their new friendship in other ways, though.


Anonymous said...

I miss porno music.

Tommy said...

Some other food for thought.

Just because the Spider-Sense is dulled by a tranq doesn't mean Spidey can't use his ears.

I have a hard time thinking of the guy stealthily walking behind Spidey as opposed to running up to him.

The only excuse I can make is his reaction time is that much slower. There is also the over-dependence on the Spider-Sense argument one could make, but in the end, we all know the real reason: Cause that's just how it is. :P