Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Return of Formatting

1) While Jameson is probably holding up two fingers to illustrate the number two, it also looks as if he might be flashing the peace sign to someone 0ff-screen, perhaps some sort of hippie or beatnik.
2) There's not much to say about panel two.
3) I have never heard anyone say this, and have no idea why someone would doubt its veracity. There's no reason to think that paranoids would not have enemies, and presumably they'd have a lot more, if only in their head.
4) This is the most realistic Jameson/Peter panel in this storyline. Peter's facial expression is priceless.
5) This panel merely reminded me of "Pinky and the Brain", and made me wonder where Jimmy Godero went.
6) If I were Mary Jane, I would get a restraining order against this guy as soon as possible.

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Anonymous said...

It seems like calling her "MJ Parker" rather than "MJ Watson" or "Mary Jane" would only serve to remind Krandis that his crush is still, technically, married.

Anonymous said...

Noting throwaway panel #1, has Peter Parker's "scientific wizardry" ever been evident elsewhere in this script?

Mike Podgor said...

Well, he made his web-slingers. Oh, and he Googled Simon Krandis. That is how much of a scientific wizard he is!