Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Simon Krandis: Possessor of Gumption

Say what you will about Simon Krandis, but the man has gumption. After all, he just kidnapped another guy's wife and is trying to convince her to divorce the other guy and marry him. Not only that, but he's playing the "next governor" card. I'm not sure, but is this the first we've heard of Simon Krandis's political aspirations?

Also, we might get to find out if Spider-Man is Spider-Bits or not pretty soon. Hooray.


Anonymous said...

I have to wonder how often, off-camera, MJ has accidentally banged that awful, horrible, hideous bracelet against the edge of a table or a doorframe and Spidey's busted through a window and unloaded whupass on innocent bystanders.

I'm sure it's happened. It's just more interesting to show Peter watching TV, and they only have so many strips to tell their story.

Anonymous said...

You totally called the bracelet thing two days ago.

Anonymous said...

Hey dlauthor and natalie a few posts back theres a link to a thread on where a guy named dragon aka Guy Derritt is making a 2hour cg spiderman movie. Ifs theres any way you could post on the thread and spread the word about the 4 spidey movies hes makeing Id really apreciate it. P.S. If you cant post on the thread find someone who can please.

Mike Podgor said...

PBD, while I admire your dedication to this cause, please don't solicit the other commentors. If you want people to learn about this, maybe try the Amazing Spider-Blog Message Board or something.

Anonymous said...

It seems JJJ knew about Krandis' gubernatorial (isn't that a great word?) ambitions, and suspected he wanted the Bugle so he could endorse himself, or block harmful revelations, or something.
It's in this strip