Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Spider-Sense Replaced Common Sense

I guess it is some kind of poison gas. That's a remarkably sound idea from Krandis. I still don't get today's comic. Spider-Man takes the time to web up the grate, and then put everything he's got into one blow. By the time he's webbed up the grate (which would take only a minute or so, most likely) he would most likely be debilitated by the gas, and everything he had would be distinctly lower by that point. Whereas he could have just punched the side of the van in the first place, theoretically having more strength and a better chance of breaking through. It's just nonsensical.

Not to mention the fact that he could have actually just opened one of the doors. Or, failing that, torn one of the doors off its hinges. Surely that would take less effort than punching through the side of van. I wonder what he'll do when he figures out that he just punched through to the inside of the big rig and poison is still coming in, only in a greater quantity, and he's no less stuck than he was before punching a hole in the side of the van.


SamKerby said...

I just bet Spidey is gonna miss MJ's curtain call, and boy is she gonna be sore. Then she'll probably hunt down Mephisto, and ask his to take their mar...um...nevermind.

Anonymous said...

None of this makes any sense to me either. I'm SURE it will all be cleared up tomorrow though, and I'll slap my forehead at how I could have failed to understand Spidey's genius.

Anonymous said...

The Wikipedia article on Spider-Man's powers mentions that his breath-holding stamina has been established to be many minutes, and that he's much less susceptible to drugs and poisons than a Human-Man is, so that's not a problem for him. He can see through the windshield that they're inside of a big rig, so I don't see why he hasn't already torn some nice vent holes in its walls. Where's that grate he's fwipping up, anyway? Did he get out of the police wagon without us noticing? This whole thing is a mess.

Unknown said...

But that is of course, Wikipedia. Where any person could make up anything and add it to the article. If there was an article on you some person could say that you have pink hair, purple skin and every inch of your body is covered in piercings and tattoos. Then another person could add that you died last November.

Mike Podgor said...

I remember reading a free Spider-Man comic where he was teamed with Luke Cage and Storm, and they fought a villain named Smokescreen. One scene had Smokescreen filling a room with smoke, and they had a cut-away to Spider-Man saying, "It's a good thing I keep an oxygen mask under my other mask for just such an occasion!" or something.

I thought this made a lot of sense, and was quite surprised when I found out that Spider-Man usually isn't this prepared.

Tommy said...

If he wasn't talking, I'd say he was holding his breath.

Just think back to when he and Hobgoblin (original) are in that armored vehicle and Hobby pops out some gas and ends up getting popped one in the snoot instead.

Should be Amazing Spider-Man #251.

And Spidey can process out drugs and poisons, but it takes time. However, exposition is not good for one's health in these situations. At least use a thought balloon for goodness sake! Must be some crappy gas if peeps can take the time to say, OMG! Gas!! Uhhh!!! x_X