Friday, February 29, 2008


1) So the plot, thus as it is, thickens. I enjoy how we went from someone trying to buy the Bugle through nefarious means to someone trying to steal Mary Jane through nefarious means. Does anyone but Spider-Man remember the Bugle at this point? And what about Jimmy Godero? Where the heck did he go?

2) Technically, he's hired to strong-arm people into doing things. Of course, he could be Simon's general hired goon and driving the car is part of the package.

3) I wonder if the people Simon hired ever got suspicious when Spider-Man would then proceed to not leave the apartment for extended periods, or when Peter exited the apartment at some point after Spider-Man entered without Peter having been seen entering the apartment or Spider-Man having been seen leaving the apartment. All in all, Peter "Pieces" Parker did a shoddy job of protecting his secret identity.

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