Thursday, March 01, 2007

Loretta the Slave-Woman

If Mary Jane believes Dara Dorset's claim, then Stan Lee is taking a bunch of liberties with the character's intelligence. However, we do get to find out that the slave-woman's name is Loretta. Perhaps she's in league with Dara Dorset, and this is some plot of theirs, or something. Why should she think Mary Jane cares about Spider-Man's wife?


J.V. Walt said...

It makes absolutely no sense for Loretta to wake up the big star in the middle of the night to watch a goddam tape, but we have to advance this tripe of a plot somehow. (Tape, geez. You'd think a big studio movie set might have a DVR, fer chrissake.)

Then again, Loretta and Dara are both blondes, so right away we know they are fundamentally evil, and possibly in league to engineer the downfall of MJ the goodhearted brunette. Sleep deprivation may be part of the sinister plot. (Hey, MJ's long-forgotten co-star, the over-the-hill actress... wasn't she a blonde too?)

One more note... MJ's opulent trailer is certainly in a nice neighborhood. Post-apocalyptic wasteland with two trailers, a card table, and some unplugged spotlights? Wow, this is a big budget picture.

Mike Podgor said...

Mary Jane is starring in Uwe Boll's "Marvella". Also, she's supposed to be a red-head.