Thursday, March 22, 2007

Liars Never Prosper

Dara, Jameson is not the only one to believe you were Missus Spider-Man. Pretty much everyone did, including crime boss Kurt Kordok. In fact, his henchman Weasel is here so Kordok can lure the man you claimed to be your husband to his supposed doom. He will not care you have been lying. Hopefully, this will provide you with a valuable life lesson. Also, I wonder if Jameson will tell anyone he saw Dorset get kidnapped?

On another note, I'm starting a job tomorrow. I have no idea how this will affect the update schedule. Probably not at all.


Anonymous said...

Good luck on the job.
I think your Spidey stuff rocks.
This was a haiku.

Anonymous said...

Comments on today's strip:
1. Have you ever seen anyone so frustrated they actually held their fists up to their chin? You see it so often in comics, yet not in the real world.
2. I see that Kordok and his crew are still a fan of CB radios. Weasel should've signed off with a 10-4.
3. I'm surprised Miss Dorset just casually leaves the building (and how did Weasel get such a great parking spot in LA?). I'm surprised there's no gaggle of reporters around.
4. I know the coloring changes each Sunday strip. But I'm surprised Miss Dorset's mole disappears as well. Weird.

Good luck with your new job.