Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Guest-Starring Popeye

Unless a bunch of thugs come piling out of that car, this will be a useless interval. Sure, Spider-Man caused some guy and his car not to get too damaged, but still. Also, I'd like to show you today's "Popeye" comic strip:

As you can tell from the above strip, the Goons have made Olive Oyl their president. Therefore, they have taken defensive measures against Popeye. What this means is that the Goons are better strategists than Kurt Kordok, because their plan actually makes sense.


J.V. Walt said...

We can still hope there's somebody interesting inside that car -- Kordok's gang, or Dara Dorset's real husband, or maybe Hugo the evil chauffeur returned from the dead as a zombie. Otherwise, this will be another exciting episode of "Spider-Man's Super Roadside Assistance!"

Next: he returns to the Northeast, and pulls a car out of a snowbank. Maybe he'll go to work for the city, towing abandoned cars.

Anonymous said...

The way this lame storyline is going (sorry Stan), I would actually welcome Ben Reilly or the Gwen Stacy clone making an appearance in that vehicle.
...sigh... How's THAT for desperation?