Monday, March 12, 2007


I hope someone interesting is in that car. I pray to God someone interesting is in that car. Or at least let Spider-Man deal with this quickly so he can end the whole Dara Dorset thing. Please?


Ken Begg said...

Well, the Sunday strip announces this strip as "Fatal Distraction." While I'd love to believe that Dara gets whacked by Kordok's crew while Spidey is helping the driver of this car, I imagine it means that she'll be kidnapped while he's so occupied.

J.V. Walt said...

BLAMM!! Audible for blocks around. Loudest tire blowout in history. Hmm, since it was a "speeding car," perhaps it's Kordok's crew inside. That would expedite the disappointing conclusion of this bummer of a storyline.

And how, pray tell, will Our Hero "prove that Dara Dorset isn't Mrs. Spider-Man"?
...vigorously deny it?
...take off his Spidey-Glove and show that he's not wearing a ring?
...ask Dara to describe his private parts?
...whip out a photo of Mary Jane, declare that she's his real wife, and then realize he's just revealed his own secret identity?

Mike Podgor said...

The way Jonah and Dora are carrying on, it seems that his word will be his bond and prove he's not Dora's husband. Which is a pretty lame way of resolving that, but I kind of hope it happens because this whole Dara Dorset subplot is the worst thing in history.

Anonymous said...

No, you fool! that's just what Jameson WANTS him to do! Without Spider-Man around to influence the plot, he'd actually have a short show.