Saturday, March 31, 2007


...and then the universe fixes itself. While it would have been nice to see Dara engage in a cat-and-mouse game with Weasel, this... is really no substitute, actually. The bit of excitement we just experienced is going to slow down considerably now. It is nice that Weasel cares about Dara's well-being. Perhaps after this storyline, the two can get together.

As for you, Spider-Man, you know darn well your spider-sense doesn't work like that. In face, I would say it doesn't work at all. It reacts to danger to your person, and a special frequency that allows people like Doctor Doom to contact you. You can also use a spider-tracer to find people, but only when you've put one on them. You can't just say, "Spider-sense, find Dara Dorset!" and expect it to do so.


Luke said...

Maybe comic-strip Spidey's spider-sense has tracking abilities. Perhaps, after being bit by the radioactive spider, he was licked by a radioactive bloodhound.

Also: at least it looks like the brick to the head was more than random filler. It clearly was a radioactive brick that removed his spider-sense!

Anonymous said...

"Why didn't my Spider-Sense help me avoid that falling brick? Or Hugo the butler? Or lending my likeness to this God-awful strip in the first place?"

J.V. Walt said...

"Why doesn't my Spidey-strength help me make a souffle that doesn't collapse? Why doesn't my webbing make me a better Canasta player?"