Friday, March 16, 2007

Amnesia? Or Aren'tnesia?

While Spider-Man MIGHT have amnesia, I am really doubtful. It looks like the blow to the head just made him a bit woozy, causing him to not get to the television studio. This, in turn, convinces everyone, without a doubt, that Dara Dorset is Spider-Man's wife. That convinces Kurt Kordok that kidnapping her to lure the wall-crawler to what will most likely be a couple of thugs with handguns (hoping for a better trap would be folly, I feel) and then to Kordok himself. The only way this storyline could salvage itself is if Kordok turns out to the Kingpin or something. Otherwise, I will be very sad.


Ken Begg said...

Uhm, Spider-Man's been punched by the Hulk.


Good grief.

Dave said...

and Iron Man, and Sandman, and venom, all pretty heavy hitters. And the Thing, real early on. Maybe the newspaper Spider-Man is a different guy than the monthly book guy, who is currently in the freaking Avengers, after all. My favorite thing, though, is how manically credulous JJJ is this weeek. "Unsubstantuiated claim? No way to verify? No corroboration? That convinces me completely!! Whoo-doggy that's good meth!!!

Anonymous said...

Spider-Man is one of the strongest heroes in the marvel universe, I highly doubt that a single brick will faze him. I mean come on the selective powers thing has got to stop. His spider sence would have warned him about the brick.