Saturday, March 10, 2007

Casual Web-Slinging

That e-mailer is the single most intelligent person in this comic. Dara is about to get her comeuppance while Spider-Man swings through Los Angeles very, very slowly. He certainly is taking his time, because as I understand it, web-slinging is a pretty quick way of getting around. At least we won't have another week of him web-slinging, as he claims to only have a few blocks to go.


J.V. Walt said...

It's a nice futuristic/retro touch (steampunk?) to have JJ taking viewer comments by e-mail -- and reading them off sheets of paper! I guess it's easier for the artist than drawing a desk with a computer on it.

Two notes on the web-slinger: He is far above the highest buildings around him, so what exactly is his web attached to? A passing airplane?

And those legs. Is he taking on the body proportions of a spider? His thighs alone are longer and thicker than his entire torso.

Mike Podgor said...

Spider-Man is turning into a Man-Spider. Expect the storyline next year!

Oh wait, that would be interesting.