Wednesday, March 21, 2007

What's a Jameson to Do?

While it would be wrong to say Dara Dorset has all her bases covered (seeing as how villains are still gunning for her, which seems to be a rather large oversight on her part) it's still rather cold to pretty much call the man who helped you escalate your life a fool. If I was Jameson, I would still reveal her to the public and either claim that I knew all along or just try to get along with my life. People have recovered from bigger scandals, and all Jameson has is a public access show. I doubt people would care that much.

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J.V. Walt said...

Agreed. JJ has made a much bigger fool of himself dozens of times before, and somehow survived. And since sooner or later, he's presumably going to leave Los Angeles and get back to running the Bugle, who gives a damn what they think of him in LA?

Besides... James Frey didn't break Oprah's reputation, did it now?

(Speaking of which: I'm waiting for the debut issue of "JJ The Magazine," featuring your favorite King of All Media as the perpetual cover boy.)