Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Day Job

Peter: Jameson is not getting too close for comfort, because no matter how many Spider-Man questions he asks Dara Dorset, she cannot answer them. Dara does not know what Spider-Man's day job is, so you have nothing to worry about.


Anonymous said...

Jameson is implying that Spider-Man has a day job, that means a public persona. If he asks the question, others will look into it and soon his identity might be at stake.

J.V. Walt said...

Just about every day, Peter Parker is putting on his Spidey suit or taking it off, or they're using that tremendously lame half-face-half-mask gimmick. That's because otherwise, there would be absolutely no indication that this is a comic strip about a superhero. He never does anything super-heroic, aside from a little webslinging. His climactic battle with Doc Ock was hardly more than a pedestrian fistfight. If not for the constant intrusion of the Spidey-Suit, a reader could easily think the title of this feature should be "The Amazing Peter Parker -- Super-Mope!"

Ken Begg said...

Good grief! Now that JJ has figured out that Spider-Man has a day job, it narrows down who he could be to about eight million people. In the Los Angeles area, that is.

Funny that he does't dwell more on the fact that Spidey left New York and relocated to LA about the same time JJ did. That seems a more narrowly tailored clue.

By the way, Jameson would never bring up the idea of Spidey being having a regular job. He's been trying to sell for years the notion that Spider-Man is a crook, so he'd instead argue that he must be living off his ill-gotten gains.