Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Mary Jane's... woman-slave looks a lot like Dara Dorset. Probably won't go anywhere, but there might be a scam there. In any case, the thing on television will most likely be the Jameson/Dorset interview, in which case why would Mary Jane be interested in it? Has she proclaimed a love or healthy respect for Spider-Man during the movie shoot, leading the woman-slave to wake her in order to see an interview involving him? Only tomorrow will tell.

Also, is the woman-slave wearing a trench-coat? That's just weird. Is she planning on flashing Mary Jane or something?

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J.V. Walt said...

"Flashing Mary Jane," nothing -- woman/slave looks like she's climbing into BED with her. Coming up tomorrow: hot girl-on-girl action!

...well, maybe not.

Speaking of "hot," I assume that JJ will get down to the nitty gritty in Day Two of the Dara Dorset extravaganza: What's Spider-Man like in the sack? Does he have the proportionate...stamina... of a spider? Have you "done it" while hanging on the side of a building, upside-down, or swinging through the air? Do you make him wear the costume to bed? Do you use the webbing for a little B&D?

Ick, now I'm thinking about J. Jonah Jameson thinking about sex. Ick! Ick!