Saturday, March 17, 2007

Hooray for Hollywood!

If she didn't want to be known as "Mrs. Spider-Man" then she never should have revealed it in the first place. The only reason any director would have her now is because she claims to be Spider-Man's wife. The publicity would be stupendous, and even if Miss Dorset has acting talent, the super-hero wife bit would overshadow it. In fact, they'd probably continually pester her to get her husband into the movie as well, at which point her career would take a nose-dive. After all, she couldn't possibly get Spider-Man to show up and the directors and whatnot would quickly become aware of that fact.

Does anyone remember when Spider-Man was lured to Hollywood, years ago? When he got there, he found they only wanted him as a stunt double. Likewise, a man who was imitating the wall-crawler got a movie deal after Spider-Man claimed he told the man to do so. Not to mention Lugo Belosi, the reoccurring "villain" who is, of course, based upon Bela Lugosi. In fact, the amount of plots having to do with movies in this strip is rather disturbing.

On a final note, I hope this Dorset thing is wrapped up by the end of the month.

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