Sunday, March 11, 2007


How to create a Spider-Man comic strip
One (1) Radioactive Spider
One (1) Bookworm
Add conflict and super-villains to taste

Step One: Introduce the Bookworm to the Radioactive Spider. If all goes well, the radioactive spider will bite the bookworm giving him abilities not unlike those of a spider. If you are unable to coax the spider into biting the bookworm, keep trying!
Options: Depending on your tastes, you may want to give your bookworm an unprecedented mind for science. Also, perhaps a costume.
Recommended: A secret identity makes for plenty of fresh angst!

Step Two: Send your super-powered bookworm out into the world. Depending on your guests, you will want to do one of two things:
1) Have him face off against a colorful rogues gallery
2) Have him whine constantly about things and be generally ineffective
You may also mix and match this two attributes to your liking.
Options: Several love interests will make life interesting for your bookworm.
Recommended: In order to make sure he does not reveal his secret identity, give him elderly parent figures. For extra fun, make one of his early failures the death of one of these parent figures!

Step Three: Other conflicts can make life fun for your bookworm! One suggested conflict is a media or political figure dead-set against your bookworm's vigilantism. Other conflicts include a job and school.
Options: Too much conflict can make your bookworm angry and anti-social. A friendly face at school or work will help alleviate this!
Recommended: Don't be afraid to make one of the bookworm's teachers or employers the very same figure who so despises him!

Step Four: After mixing all of the above, bake at least half-way. Recipe can be altered to serve various audiences. Serve daily and enjoy!

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