Tuesday, March 20, 2007


This came out of left field. I wasn't expecting Miss Dorset to just come out and admit she was lying about the whole Spider-Man wife thing. Even if it is just to Jonah, it's still something. I am suddenly kind of interested in where this is going to go. What's more is that Jameson just got royally screwed by Dorset. For the first time in several weeks I'm actually interested in what's going to happen in tomorrow's Spider-Man. Or maybe I'm just tired. Both are equally possible.


Anonymous said...

I can't help but wonder, even with the suspension of disbelief we employ when reading comics, how the heck Jameson became as prominent a journalist/publisher as he did. He's always been bull-headed, involved in illegal schemes (the Fly, the Scorpion, the Spider Slayer, etc.), lies, doesn't check facts, etc. Seriously, why don't the stock holders of the Bugle oust this guy? He's got less credibility than a supermarket tabloid. I agree that the storyline might become slightly more interesting with this turn of events, but I've grown tired of Jameson over the decades, even at a comic relief level.

Dave said...

I've never been able to figure out how "real" the Bugle is supposed to be. Sometimes it's clearly a complete rag ("Spider-Man-Menace or Threat-One Man's Rant" stories with JJJ) and sometimes it's a pillar of journalistic integrity. (any storyline featuring Robbie and Ben Urich) Sometimes they can't afford to pay for a few photos (anytime Peter's bitching about rent) and sometimes they can send reporters and a staff photographer halfway around the world (anytime they need a Spider-Man-Black Panther-Captain Britain-or, oh hell Sunfire- team up). It's sad that the suspension of disbelief doesn't really apply to Spider-Man and his powers, particularly when he can't stop a car and get taken out of action by a loose brick, and instead there is this fanciful journalistic world where a newspaper publisher can get away without fact checking, corroboartive sources, research, or even any interview skills. JJJ's show appears to be the Larry King Show, if Larry smoked a lot of crack and interviewed random people he met on the bus.

J.V. Walt said...

Poor JJ... serially abused by two Ladies of L.A. (Dara Dorset and Maria Lopez) Somebody cue up "Hollywood Nights," while Jonah hightails it back to the big city (where his loyal staffers on the Bugle are wondering what the hell happened to their publisher, editor, and ranter-in-chief).