Thursday, November 30, 2006

Remembering the Past

Calm down, Peter. Doctor Octopus won't hurt a hostage right away. He had you for a full fifteen minutes before he slammed you into a wall, didn't he? Also, you should have spent the time you were preparing to unleash you spider-strength steeling yourself for an attack. I see the spider-sense lines. You had time.

Also, when I was reading this installment, I got to thinking of previous installments. Namely, this one. Why in the world would Doctor Octopus go through all the trouble of finding out where Mary Jane was filming and luring her husband there, just to go off somewhere to send Mary Jane a piece of Peter's shirt? Is today "everyone act really dumb" day in the Spider-Man comic strip? And by today, I mean in comic strip time. At least it's better than Jameson in love.

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