Friday, November 17, 2006

Dirty Half-Dozen

There's like a hundred things wrong with this comic and what it portends. Seriously, I'm dumbfounded by this comic. I shall now endeavor to list the things wrong with it, then try to justify them:

1) Peter Parker is somehow unable to recognize the voice of one of his deadliest foes. Of course, Doctor Octopus could be disguising his voice, but I don't foresee the good Doctor as being adept at such a thing.
2) Mary Jane and Peter haven't lived in California for more than a month. Unless a phone book came out during that time, Doc Ock would not be able to find their number from his squalid hideout. Even if a phone book had come out, the Parkers, with Mary Jane being a rising starlet, would no doubt want their number unlisted. Alternatively, they could be staying at a hotel. The same problem arises, as the hotel clerk would probably not allow people to call through to Mary Jane's room.
3) Doc Ock has a phone and television in his squalid hideout. Being a technical genius, he may have rigged up a way for both items to work without public power and without having to pay the phone company a dime.
4) I'm not sure, but I would think Peter Parker's spider-sense would be going off as this is obviously a trap for Mary Jane. Unless it only works in close proximity to the source of danger, and not over the phone.
5) Peter Parker is not an idiot. Would he honestly believe someone calling him out of the blue for a "photo scoop"? Also, if it's truly a photo scoop, wouldn't such a thing be fairly short-lived and photographed by everyone around so they could post it on YouTube or something? Unless Peter knows it's a trap.
6) Peter is probably going to web-sling to the destination, as he's not one for public transportation. Even when he does take the bus or subway, something happens and he has to don the spider-suit anyway. So what this amounts to is that Spider-Man is going to show up at the location Doc Ock has provided. Hopefully, Doc Ock is just setting this up to make sure Peter is out of the way while Ock kidnaps Mary Jane.

So I was wrong, there's only a half-dozen.

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