Thursday, November 02, 2006

Jonah Jameson IS A SELL-OUT.

Mary Jane brings up a good point. Barring an unforseen circumstances, she will continue to make movie star money. I admire Peter not wanting to be a mooch, but seriously, she's a movie star. Unless he gets into acting as well, anything he gets will be chump change compared to movie star money.

The second panel, however, is where this particular strip really grabbed me. How the hell did Jonah Jameson get a co-anchor position within a day? Not only that, but why would he accept it?
1) Jonah has a large metropolitan newspaper to attend to. He does not have time to be a talking head.
2) Jonah has a long-standing rivalry with the television media. At least, as far as I'm aware of. They're the competition. Is Jonah eschewing his journalistic integrity for the relative novelty of being a news anchor?

For the moment, it looks like Doctor Octopus has made his way, unimpeded, back to his lair. Could the minor battle between him and Spider-Man broken his spirit? I hope not. Right now, I want Doc Ock to march his way into that TV station and make sure Jonah knows his place: at the Daily Bugle, in New York City. If he could stop by Mary Jane's studio and wreck that, so much the better.

Please, Stan Lee, I know you're not reading this but for the love of God, restore to the wall-crawler some of the dignity he once had under your hand. Please?


DJBertone said...

First comment I guess. Anyway I bookmarked this since now of my paper's carry the strip anymore. You may get shut down though because I know King Features doesn't like their stuff getting posted online and even their official website got more restricted at one point.

Mike Podgor said...

Until then I shall carry on the guerilla effort of posting publicly available comic strips for the world to see! Besides, I doubt King Features will ever get wind of this site. Unless there's a King Features mole somewhere...

Mike Podgor said...

Oh, and thanks for bookmarking the blog.