Saturday, November 04, 2006


HE'S RETALIATING! HE'S RETALIATING! Wow, I feel so vindicated right now. It's amazing. Somewhere along the way, Doctor Octopus either stole a new television or shoved Jonah's head in a microwave. Because that television set looks a heck of a lot like a microwave. What's more important is that Jonah's words are spurring both the hero and villain into the open, hopefully establishing the scene for another battle between the two with Jonah once again caught in the middle. I mean, come on, he's a news anchor who has a history with Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus. There's no way the station wouldn't send him to the scene of the battle, and no way Jonah would sit idly by while his favorite wall-crawler was battling evil. It also, potentially, opens things up for things such as Peter Parker regaining his job by snapping some photos or Mary Jane's set to be ruined, and everyone going back to New York. Not that the West Coast is a bad thing.

As for Peter getting his job back, this is how it usually works: Peter snaps some shots, lords them over Jonah and claims some other paper will pay him handsomely for them. Jonah then welcomes Peter back with open arms, pays him half of what the pictures are worth, and everything's back to normal.


Azor said...

I just discovered this blog through I'm planning to read it every day, and am particularly excited that I now will be able to read Sunday's strip. I wasn't able to find it on-line anywhere previously.

Ken Begg said...

What I can't understand is, in the forty-plus years Peter's been taking insane photos and getting underpaid for them, why another paper hasn't tried to hire him? It can't be because the Bugle is a prestige paper, because despite the occasional attempts to portray it as the Marvel Universe's answer to the New York Times, certainly no paper run by such a miserly chowderhead could possibly be anything than a cheesy tabloid.

Mike Podgor said...

Jameson's just the publisher. There's an army of editors that make sure the Daily Bugle runs smoothly and actually runs news. I'm guessing this is also why he's able to jet off to Los Angeles to seek out Spider-Man and rant about him some more.