Wednesday, November 08, 2006


JONAH JAMESON, for the love of God, you're at least twice her age and probably married! Stop hitting on her! And you, Maria Lopez, stop acting like you enjoy it! When you first met him you could care less about him. Also, does Jonah have a reputation among old white guys? Otherwise, how would those two in the last panel know anything about him?

However, the gray haired chap in the last panel brings up an interesting point. Did you ever see a tigress dining with a shark? More so, did you ever see a tiger fighting a shark? Perhaps a TIGER SHARK? You could call it something like Tiger/Shark, and focus it on a tiger who escapes from a circus or something around the Gulf of Mexico, who ends up fighting a tiger shark in the waters around it. All the while you'd have the rugged man trying to catch the tiger, the attractive co-ed who wants to stop him so the tiger can be returned to the wild, and perhaps someone controlling the tiger sharks with a phermone that would result in the titular clash of animals.

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