Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Idiotic Peter Parker

That guard has such an effeminate "getting hit" pose. Also, Peter Parker must have taken some sort of drug when he woke up this morning because he's just doing stupid thing after stupid thing. Trusting an anonymous informant, not trusting his spider-sense, trying to goad Ock into a battle, and now trusting that this guard will take care of Doctor Octopus. Seriously, Peter, what did you expect to happen? The guard to save the day? You're supposed to have the intellect of a science major, Peter. Act like it.

(From the FUTURE: Should have made a SWAT team joke, considering the sound effect in panel two.)


Ken Begg said...

This sort of scenario does point up why supervillains (except the invulnerable ones) wouldn't work in the real world. Doesn't the LAPD had snipers? A .50 round through Doc's head from half a mile away is pretty much going to negate the defensive capabilities of his tentacles.

Instead they posit a single guy with a .38. (Speaking of, has any major police department in America issued revolvers to their cops at any time in the last twenty or thirty years? Comic strips tends towards such charming and weird anachronisms.)

At least Spider-Man has spider sense, when he elects to use it, and super reflexes. Even so, most of the heroes would have been filled with lead a hundred times over if you think of it logically. I guess you can't carry this too far, but as time passes, it gets harder to sustain this sort of thing.

Mike Podgor said...

Even if they did have snipers, comic book world snipers are incredibly bad at killing any sort of cosutmed adventurer or evildoer. They're always robbed of their kills by dumb luck. In fact, the only comic book snipers who actually work out are the costumed ones like Punisher and Deathstroke. It's as if some sort of cosmic law states that only people in costumes can kill people in costumes.

Anne said...

I hate to say it, but he has the proportionate intellect of a spider.