Friday, November 10, 2006


As a precaution, and so that no others must look at the horror of the middle panel, I have taken the liberty of censoring it. However, you can see the uncensored strip by clicking on the image above. It is quite disturbing, and you can now consider yourself warned. Suffice to say, the doorman's bemused expression with what has happened in today's "Spider-Man" strip does not reflect my feelings on the matter.

As to the events of the middle panel, I think it's safe to say one of two things about the Jonah Jameson of the comic strip continuity:
1) He is either a bachelor, a widow, or divorced. I know his comic book counterpart is twice married, and the Jameson of the 1994 animated series was widowed when his wife was gunned down by a masked criminal.
2) Jonah is a lecherous scoundrel in the comic strip continuity.

The green fellow is my avatar, Mike P, and more of him can be seen here if you wish to. He is doing a sacred duty, protecting you from what lies beneath that comic strip.

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