Saturday, November 25, 2006

Not Speedy: Cunning.

This explains how Doctor Octopus got from the observatory to the movie shoot so fast. They're the same place. I have to admit, this is the first part of Ock's plan that makes sense. I also enjoy how Ock stole a paper. C'mon, you think he'd actually pay for a paper? Also, the fact that Peter didn't know and Ock did kind of makes me worried about the amount of communication in the Parker marriage. Hopefully we won't have to sit through a marriage counseling storyline anytime soon.


Songs to Setirov said...

So, Doc Ock lured Peter to the place where Mary Jane was, in order to kidnap him, in order to lure her to the place where he is, in order to capture her.

...why didn't he just, you know, capture her?

Mike Podgor said...

I think what Ock is trying to do is force Mary Jane to trade Spider-Man for Peter, since the media claims Mary Jane and Spider-Man are having an affair. He could have just captured Mary Jane and achieved the "Spider-Man Confrontation" he so desires, but there's two reasons he did not:
1) Ock likes to make things as complicated as possible.
2) Stan Lee wanted to make Peter fret endlessly about how he was unable to act, due to his secret identity.