Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Peter Parker: Unemployed Layabout?

As I said yesterday, Peter can't get fired because he's a freelancer. Even then, Jameson fires him on a fairly regular basis. Fighting Doctor Octopus is no excuse, however, as Peter has fought plenty of super-villains and managed to take some pictures of the battles. Also, you might not want to be smashing tables. It could only lead to trouble. You could be labeled as abusive, psychotic, or drunk. Not to mention that it could reveal that you have the proportionate strength of a spider.

Ah, wait, I see where this is going. Peter is going to go off and find Doc Ock, beat him up and take some pictures, and "get his job" at the Daily Bugle back. Or, he'll just whine and pout for several days about losing the job.

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