Friday, December 01, 2006

The Plot Hinges...

The only way anything's going to get resolved at this point is if Doctor Octopus drops Peter (without hurting him, of course) and goes off to try and summon Spider-Man. I have an inkling that we're about to see another chapter in the "Jameson-In-Love" storyline, though, so after tomorrow we probably won't see Ock for another week or so.

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Ken Begg said...

Is Peter really supposed to be unconscious here? Because anything that would knock him out would kill any normal man, most likely several times over, and you'd think Ock would know that.

This guy has taken punches from the Hulk, the Thing, the Rhino, etc. I'd really have to think there'd at least be a dent in the wall if he were hit hard enough to be knocked out.