Monday, November 13, 2006

Monday Recap

Today's strip is just a recap of yesterday's strip, done for the benefit of those who don't get the Sunday strips. When my paper did carry the Sunday strips, they seemed to be recaps of the events of the previous week.

On a semi-related note, for the past two months or so some newspapers have been packaging in reprints of the classic "Amazing Spider-Man" comic book. Since they are, technically, part of the newspaper should I include brief summaries or reviews of them in this blog? I'm torn on the subject, which is why I'm asking what limited readership I have. Unless, of course, I have no readership, which sort of renders the whole thing moot.


Songs to Setirov said...

Well, I'm reading, but I have no ship.

It's fine by me if you include those.

Azor said...

I don't see a need to review the books, since they are reprints and plenty of information is available on-line about the original stories. But keep up the good work with the strip reviews.

Ken Begg said...

Given how Robbie imagines Jonah looking during this phone conversation, I assume he believes JJJ's new paramour to be a man?