Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Determined Octopus

First off, further hoorays for no Jonah's romance. Second, it turns out the west coast isn't really any smarter than the east coast when it comes to discovering secret identities. As the blonde gossip illustrates, they'll pick up on the first part of the puzzle (Mary Jane Parker and Spider-Man come to Hollywood around the same time) and just sort of go an entirely different direction with it.

On another note, it looks like the blonde gossip is tearing off her lips. That's creepy.

EDIT: It actually looks like she's tearing off her entire mouth. That's even creepier.


Ken Begg said...

Why is the Joker dressed like a woman, and how did he get a gig as a TV gossip reporter? Is it some sort of insane 'Tootsie' sort of thing?

Mike Podgor said...

If they're letting old men from the East Coast with no background in broadcasting take jobs as actual news reporters, the standards for gossip reporters must be much, much lower. The Joker in drag could easily get the job. And, if he really wanted the job, the Joker knows how to make the position become open.