Sunday, June 10, 2007

Panel by Panel

Today, I'm going to break this thing down panel by panel.

Panel One: It's never a good sign when the narrator starts breaking the fourth wall like this. Especially this instance, where it seems like something from a tutorial.

Panel Two: I have never noticed that little box before, despite it apparently being in every Sunday strip. In any case, it meshes with the list that was posted a while ago with everyone who works on this strip. Alex Saviuk is still doing the Sunday strips, and Stan Lee still has a credit, probably for writing. The only name unaccounted for is "Amash" who is probably the inker or something.

Panel Three: Spider-Man is being awfully flippant that the man who helps pay his bills just got a story pulled out from under him.

Panel Four: Spider-Man should know better than to remark that his life is good, considering how whenever his life is good something happens to screw it up.

Panel Five: That's one weird-looking Maria Lopez right there.

Panel Six: Nothing to say about this panel.

Panel Seven: Oh! I know how to draw a four-sided triangle! The technique is called, I believe, "drawing a square".

TIL: Jonah in panel three. He looks like an aging Dick Tracy.

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