Sunday, June 03, 2007


06/01/2007:When I first read this, I thought the third panel read "It's time to make my movie!" Needless to say, it does not, but things would be far more interesting if it had.

TIL: Mary Jane mugging for the camera.

06/02/2007:Aw man, I thought we were done with Kurt Kordok! Maria Lopez shows off some great compassion in panel one there, so it's a bit of instant karma that she's Kordok's next hostage. Also, if Kordok is really that dangerous, you'd think there would be more than one cop taking him in.

TIL: Not the fact that we have to deal with Kordok for another week.

06/03/2007:You know, I actually like today's comic. Not only does Spider-Man put Jonah in his place, but the next box proclaiming that things will be wrapped up? That is the best news I have ever heard. Also, it's funny that the cop Kordok knocked out went from an African-American to a Caucasian. You'd think there'd be coloring guides, but no...

TIL: The next box! Hooray!


Sam99 said...

Not to mention, when did Kordok get the time to go change his suit from the blue one to the white one he's wearing today? Boy the tension mounts.

jvwalt said...

Also, and most improbable of all, Kordok's bullet wound has swapped sides. It was in his left shoulder; now it's in his right. I think the artist is just f***in' with us at this point.

Or maybe Spider-Man is slowly converting itself into a Slylock Fox-type feature, where you try to spot the differences between panels.

that guy said...

Who yells "Noooooo" when someone grabs them around the neck? I sure wouldn't. Maybe "Ack!" or "What the...", but not "Nooooo!"

Thomas Johanson said...

Much the same way that Mark Trail can punch a villian's beard clean off his face (see joshreads #1039), Kordok can punch all the color out of a black man. No wonder Spidey's afraid of him.

As for the suit, you'll notice he changes into his Sunday best every week.

JG said...

Maybe the whites complained about not having enough white cops in the comic strip?