Thursday, June 14, 2007


Here, Jonah Jameson proves himself to have some amount of intelligence heretofore unseen. Maria Lopez, on the other hand, proves to be dumber than a rock. Everyone in this strip who has tried to find out Spider-Man's secret identity have failed, and in some cases paid a terrible price. When they do succeed, it doesn't stick. I remember a storyline featuring a circus guy and Frog-Man (who could jump really high) where the circus guy stole Mary Jane's wallet and keys, and discovered Peter Parker was Spider-Man. After a crime spree, the guy got amnesia by being kicked in the head by Frog-Man. So Maria Lopez has the following to look forward to:

1) Failure and sadness
2) Death
3) Some sort of amnesia

I, for one, miss Frog-Man and hope he comes back someday.

TIL: Jameson's head in panel three. I hear a trumpet going "BWA BWA BWAAAAAAA" for that panel.

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that guy said...

Jameson's thought balloon in the last panel doesn't match his expression. I think it was Archie or Disney comics when one character was doing something stupid, a picture of a nut would appear. This would be the perfect scenario for it.