Friday, June 15, 2007

Bounty Hunting?

If we're lucky, this will lead to Jonah offering a reward for Spider-Man's mask/secret identity which will lead to extreme bounty hunting shenanigans. If we're not lucky, he'll try to find out Spider-Man's identity for himself. Such a thing could be fun (spider-slayers, anyone?) but knowing this strip, it'll be another three months of nonsense.

TIL: Jonah's facial expressions.


Andy said...

Hey, he's not thinking an exclamation point today.

jvwalt said...

Mmmm. After hating Spider-Man for several decades, it just now crossed Jonah's mind to try to expose his secret identity? Remarkably slow-witted media tycoon, is he not?

Too bad neither of these geniuses, Jonah or Maria, happened to overhear high-profile movie star MJ blurting out the secret at the top of her lungs earlier this week. Sorry, you morons -- the footage is already posted on

Mike Podgor said...

In the comic books, at least, Jonah finances a contest every few years to see if anyone can find out Spider-Man's secret identity. I'm guessing he's done it at least once before in the strip, as well.