Thursday, June 28, 2007

Thursday Trifecta

Once again, sorry for not updating. I literally fell asleep at the computer last night when I meant to update, but now I make amends. Or, at least, catch up with the two strips I missed and the the latest strip.

06/26/2007:I have to wonder how little the plot would move if everyone in this universe didn't have their televisions on all the time. Doctor Octopus would still be sitting around in his ramshackle hideout, and no one important would know about Dara Dorset. A strip called "The Especially Slow-Moving Glacier" would probably be speedier.

TIL: I hope Jonah always stands around grimacing as his television set.

Everyone in the strip is just now thinking of something I brought up on Sunday. I don't know why Maria is so surprised, as I doubt you can trace a call that's already ended. Maria's anger at the poor schmuck (no doubt some gopher in the wrong place at the wrong time) makes me wish she would fight Margo Magee from "Apartment 3-G". Margo would win, of course, no question about that. It would just be something to see.

TIL: That poor schmuck. Is he the cameraman/director from Saturday and Sunday's strips, I wonder?

I pray that we get to see the guest host, and that he or she is someone interesting. I do not hope that the guest host is either Parker, and we are therefore subjected to either Mary Jane being mopey about not being able to see Peter on Maria's show, or Peter having to pull off a Fred Flintstone-like scheme where he dashes from television studio to television studio in order to pull off both appearances. I know they're probably filmed and broadcast later, but you can't expect this strip to follow that kind of logic.

TIL: Those two guys in the background of the third panel. It looks like they're playing with a periscope.

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