Thursday, June 07, 2007

Superman Revisted

Oh wow, I am so surprised that Spider-Man saved Maria Lopez. Did not see that coming, no sir. Also, this is the third reference to DC Comics that has been made since I started this Blog, and the second reference to Lois Lane. Incidentally, Spider-Man has met Lois Lane on several occasions in both his civilian, super-hero, and cloned guises. I realize, however, that all those meetings were not only in the comic books, but out of continuity with those comic books.

TIL: I guess the Lois Lane reference. I GUESS.


that guy said...

Pretty bad choice by Kordok to let her go. Now wouldn't the cops just drive or fly after him until he lands and just arrest him? He has no leverage now.
Is there an ink shortage or something? Why are they not colouring the sky at all?

Please let this be wrapped up by Sunday. Please.

lol ror xxors said...

So how many years has Spiderman been saving Maria Lopez? Seems like she'd stop getting herself into trouble after the first time.

Anonymous said...

that's just the superhero nanny state for you, nobody thinks to take precaution since they figure Spiderman will rescue them.

Mike P said...

I think this is the first time Spider-Man has saved Maria, actually. She's pretty new to the strip, showing up after this Blog got started.